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Scott bikes
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Revel bikes


At The Spokesman Bicycle Workshop we don't operate a booking system.  When your bike is in need of service or repair bring it to us, we'll assess the bike on the spot, quote for the work and agree a timeframe in which to complete it.

bronze service £75.00

silver service £75.00

  • Gears and brakes tuned

  • Nuts and bolts torqued to recommended limits

  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket checked for play

  • Wheels checked for true

  • Tyres inflated and chain lubricated

  • Frame, fork and wheels cleaned

platinum service 
From £300.00

  • This is the very best service your bike can have.

  • The bike is stripped back to the frame, thoroughly cleaned an reassembled.

  • Cables, sealant, brake pads and bar tape/grips are included in the service cost.  

  • Other parts are an additional cost 

  • Fork and shock will receive a lower leg and air can service.

  • Full sus MTB's will receive a pivot service

  • Road - £300

  • Hardtail MTB - £350

  • Full suspension MTB - £450

  • Gears indexed and limiter screws set.  Cables and transmission components replaced as required

  • Brakes balanced and tightened.  Cables and pads replaced as required

  • Wheels trued

  • Nuts and bolts torqued to recommended limits

  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket checked for play, tightened and parts replaced as needed

  • Tyres inflated and chain lubricated

  • Frame fork and wheels cleaned

degrease service

  • The gold service covers everything in a silver service with the addition of:

  • Brakes and transmission components removed and degreased, refitted and lubricated

  • Bottom bracket removed, frame threads or bottom bracket shell regreased

general SERVICE



If you've had an accident that wasn't your fault C-AMS can help you get back on the road.  We work alongside C-AMS to undertake a thorough crash assessment on your bike and make recommendations for its repair or replacement.  Simply bring your bike to us and we'll conduct a primary assessment on the spot to evaluate the extent of the damage.  We'll also put you in contact with  C-AMS representive who can guide you through the claims process.

Who Are C-AMS?

Cycling Accident Management Services (C-AMS) is the dedicated cycle division of Direct Accident Management Limited. Founded in 1996 we have helped thousands of vulnerable road users following accidents. We can put you in contact with specialist road traffic accident investigators and solicitors who are waiting to work for you.

C-AMS support cyclists who have been involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault. If you need your bike for your occupation or to commute to your place of work, we understand that being without your bike can be costly. When you choose C-AMS, we can organise to have a replacement bike and helmet provided to you upfront without having to wait for your insurance company to pay-out.



Scott bikes
Revel bikes
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The Spokesman Bicycle Workshop

Unit 5 Home farm



Tel: 01483 351466


Monday            09.00-17.00

Tuesday           09.00-17.00

Wednesday     09.00-17.00

Thursday         09.00-17.00

Friday              09.00-18.00

Saturday         09.00-16.00

Sunday           CLOSED

Thank you for your message, we will get back to you shortly.

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